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"Far more extensive than the usual site devoted to an event or artwork, [Beyond the Notes] contains...loads of information connecting the music and art."

David Weininger, The Boston Globe

This website and web mobile app is a not-for-profit educational resource created by Beyond the Notes. My goal is to create educational online resources that enhance audiences' enjoyment and appreciation of the performing and visual arts and to facilitate communication between artists and their audiences.

--Nell Shaw Cohen
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Nell Shaw Cohen - composer, producer, filmmaker, and web designer (

Linda S. Ferber - consultant for The Course of Empire; Vice President and Head Curator at the New-York Historical Society

Nancy Weekly - consultant for Watercolors; Curator and Head of Collections at the Burchfield Penney Art Center

Carol Steen - consultant for Burchfield and Synesthesia; painter, scholar, and co-founder of the American Synesthesia Association

John Resig - consultant and writer for Setsugekka, technical consultant for the website, and assistant cameraman for The Course of Empire and Watercolors ( and

Burt Cohen - cameraman for interview segments (except Nancy Weekly); voice actor for The Course of Empire (


Entrepreneurial Musicianship at New England Conservatory

New-York Historical Society

Burchfield Penney Art Center

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Peabody Essex Museum

Beyond the Notes is supported in part by an Entrepreneurial Grant from the New England Conservatory Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department.

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Recordings of The Course of Empire were recorded live at New England Conservatory by Tetrachord: Quan Yuan and Jennifer Wey, violin; Matthew Davis, viola; David Meyer, cello, and at the Peabody Essex Museum by members of A Far Cry: Liza Zurlinden and Ethan Wood, violin; Jason Fisher, viola; Alexei Gonzales, cello.

Watercolors was recorded live at New England Conservatory by Andra Winds: Ridge Davis, flute; Martha Kleiner, oboe; Christopher Mothersole, clarinet; Lauren Hunt, horn; Sean Maree, bassoon.

Setsugekka was recorded live at New England Conservatory by Samantha Bennett, violin; Wesley Chu, piano.

To Create One's Own World was recorded live at New England Conservatory by Rachel Holmes, soprano; Stephanie Cambra, flute; Jay Hutchinson, bass clarinet; Takehiko Mochizuki, marimba.

The score for The Faraway Nearby was recorded in the studio at New England Conservatory by Lisa Husseini, flute; Christopher Mothersole, clarinet; Samantha Bennett, violin; Marza Wilks, cello; Wesley Chu, piano.

Revealed in Stone was recorded live at New England Conservatory by Mxolisi Duda, tenor; Patricia Au, piano.

Triptych was recorded live at New England Conservatory by Devin Ulibarri, guitar.