Beyond the Notes:
Revealed in Stone

The Non-finito Sculptures

While Michelangelo is best known for masterpieces such as his David and Pieta, among the most compelling products of Michelangelo's sculptural output, and those which most strongly symbolize the Neo-Platonic theme of the struggle to transcend physical form (alluded to in the poems), are the non-finito (unfinished) sculptures – particularly St. Matthew and the Slaves (works that were a major influence on Auguste Rodin).

These are vague, faceless figures that appear to be struggling to emerge from masses of marble. It is debated whether or not Michelangelo left them intentionally unfinished, but either way these are striking examples of the outstanding characteristics of Michelangelo's art: dynamic, overwhelming strength veiled in melancholic beauty. This was the vision I had in mind as I searched for the mood and language of the music in Revealed in Stone.

--Nell Shaw Cohen

Michelangelo, Young Slave
Young Slave

Michelangelo, Awakening Slave
Awakening Slave

Michelangelo, St. Matthew
St. Matthew